Capturing the Gentle Essence of Motherhood: An American Photographer’s Collection that Strikes a Universal Chord


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Once causing a fever when revealing photos of a topless mother breastfeeding her baby in nature, American photographer Ivette Ivens recently introduced other beautiful photos in her art program atan exhibition. out in Chicago earlier this month.The program is called: “I breastfed my toddler” – includes photos that explore the beauty of breastfeeding mothers from different angles, sometimes in a snowy landscape, even in the bustling street scene.Ivette Ivens says that looking at these pictures one can see the women “pure, beautiful, holy, full of happiness” because they are breastfeeding with the love and affection of a mother.The photographer has captured images of breastfeeding mothers everywhere in the US, in different circumstances.Ivens used a variety of outdoor settings to convey the message that “anywhere, anytime” you can breastfeed in the most natural way. imageimageOne of the beautiful pictures shows both mother and child very relaxed and happy with breastfeeding.imageThis photographer takes advantage of many natural landscapes.One of the pictures with beautiful scenery is a scene of a mother happily breastfeeding her baby next to two cats – the beloved family pet.One of the other pictures shows a mother holding and breastfeeding her baby in the middle of a busy street.In another scene, a mother is naked and very comfortable with breastfeeding at home.imageSometimes in the middle of a crowded street.image

Even taking pictures of mothers breastfeeding in the snow.A young 25-year-old mother who modeled for Ivens’ photos said: ‘I’ve seen so many people shed tears of emotion while looking at my pictures.“Mothers are always fascinated by these pictures and so are fathers.I want dads to always be supportive of my partner,” she added.imageYou can breastfeed anywhere, anytime.imageThe mothers had to overcome their feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and pain to take these beautiful pictures.imagePure beauty, beautiful, holy, and full of happiness of mothers.Although Ivens admits that although the photos show the great beauty of nursing mothers, she has had to work very hard to capture the inner feelings of mothers.Those are all emotions like: worry, feeling uncomfortable, being in pain.This photographer is also known for his family photos, pregnant women and children.Ivens adds: “My pictures are all about the emotions of a mother when she breastfeeds.Pure, beautiful, holy, and full of happiness – like a miracle.Every mother is as beautiful as a goddess while breastfeeding.Ivette Ivens added that she plans to publish the photos as a book.


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