Challenging Stereotypes: The Boy with a ‘Werewolf’ Birthmark Inspires Hope and Resilience


“Embracing Uniqueness: Chance’s Story

Life, as they say, is unpredictable, and Chance’s journey embodies the twists and turns that make it a unique adventure. In her society, rumors and misconceptions about her appearance circulate, with labels like ‘Wolf’ and ‘mountain gorilla’ attaching themselves to her.

Chance, a girl grappling with depression, has faced the cruelty of society head-on. Her family, determined to shield her from bullies, continuously changes schools and environments. However, the transition only brings about new taunts, as her peers find inventive ways to single her out.

Her mother, Onolina, recounts the challenges they’ve faced, particularly the bullying her daughter endures due to the unique characteristics she was born with. Chance’s siblings, born without similar distinctive features, lead what society deems a ‘normal’ life. Onolina, expecting a routine pregnancy, was taken aback when her daughter was born with a noticeable mark on her face.

While initially not a cause for concern, the mark took on a different significance as Chance grew older. Dark hair started to grow within the mark, a feature that set her apart. This unique attribute became a source of ridicule, and kids in her society labeled her as an animal.

At the tender age of seven, Chance experienced isolation and rejection from her peers who refused to play with her, casting her aside with hurtful animal names. When she sought answers from her mother, Onolina had none to offer, as they both grappled with the societal perceptions that had taken hold.

As Chance stepped into the school environment, the challenges persisted, highlighting the need for empathy and understanding in a world quick to judge based on appearances. This is Chance’s story, a narrative of resilience, acceptance, and the ongoing journey to embrace the beauty of uniqueness.”

No one in her class wanted to talk to her, because they were all living in fear, but after some time they started calling her a gorilla and claimed that she wasn’t human, and this led to her being bullied.

Her mother says that she would take it if her daughter was only bullied by her fellow students, but this was not the case at all, since even the teachers also bully her and call her a gorilla, yet they are the ones that are supposed to teach other kids to love her the way she is.

When she realized that this was happening at her school, she immediately took her daughter to another, but it did not take so long before they also started calling her a wolf, which means that everyone around her always come up with an animal name that they used to bully her.

Chansey has been changing schools for some time now.

She has been in nine schools from the day she started studying.

They say that now they are completely tired of changing schools because it takes a lot of time, money, yet they are poor because of changing schools a lot of different times.

Chance can’t score good grades at all for examinations.

It is always bad news and they are always not happy about the results, which makes them feel bad.

But they try as much as possible not to show their daughter that they are disappointed because they totally understand what she is going through.


She says that they try not to remove the hair in the face because they believe that each time they are cut, it speeds up its growth, and this is why they remove it as few times as possible in order to prevent this.

Now, chance is 10 years old.

She has been living in a life that keeps hurting her each and every day, since she is always bullied and, besides this, wherever she goes, people keep staring at her, laughing at the same time, which is also frustrating.

This little girl, chance is suffering from a disorder known as hypertrichosis, which is a condition characterized by excessive hair growth anywhere on a person’s body.

It can affect both men and women, but it is extremely rare.

The abnormal hair growth may cover the face, the body or occur in small patches.

Unfortunately, hypertrichosis has no cure and you cannot do anything to prevent this form of disease.

It is not deadly, but they have fear that this may affect her entire body, which may make her look more scary than she is today.

She thanks her husband and her family for not abandoning or blaming this on her.

Just like other people do, she greatly hopes that this all will finally come to an end one day, though.

She does not know how.

They are living in a poor life.

Getting food is very hard for them, honoring digs for people in this society so that she can get some money to buy it.

They cook it and have it, and they are not happy with what they eat at all, but it’s all they have.

So they got used to this kind of life at the school, where chance is starting.

Right now things are at least better, since her mother had to go to the school and talk to its administration, especially the teachers, and ask them to try to talk to other kids that Bully.

Her daughter ask them to stop, and she says that this helped a lot with this.

They now hope that she will be able to concentrate on her studies and get better grades, become someone important in their society, though a lot of people don’t treat her like a normal person.

She says that she thought that this would end anytime soon, but it didn’t.

A person’s health is something that people always try to work on in every way possible, but there are some things about our body that we just can’t control and have to live with them the way they are, when we can’t change anything about it.

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