Embracing Empathy: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Children’s Challenges.


We all make mistakes.

We all have struggles and even regret some of the things that we have done in our past, but most of the times these mistakes end up changing our lives more than we could ever think.

She is called beatrice, a lady that was in a country that she did not know.

She had a disabled child and another one dead.

She couldn’t speak their language to ask anyone for help.

She hardly believed what was happening to her.

Getting what to eat was impossible.

How could she ever understand anything that anyone was saying in this country?

But fortunately she managed to fight her way back home, though her son died in the process.

Who is she?


Why was she in a foreign country?

Why did her son die and why is this one disabled?

This is her story.

Her name is beatrice and this is her son.

It is unbelievable, but he is 20 years old.

Before all this happened, she was a young and beautiful lady living in this country.

She went to school and, according to what she says, she was a very intelligent student.

She always woke up every day in the morning and went to school, and she used to come back later in the evening after classes.

She lived with both her parents and her siblings and this was the life they lived and everything was fine.

When her way to school and back home, she used to meet a lot of people and since she was a girl, a lot of men always wanted to talk to her, but she had to ignore them and focus on her school because she was still young.

However much, this did not happen forever.


One day she was walking back home in the evening and she came across a gentleman.

He was smart from head to toe.

He was driving by.

When he saw betrays, he parked the car and came to talk to her.

They immediately became friends and exchanged for numbers.

Days later they started talking on the phone late in the nights.

This was obvious that they were falling in love.

She was still in school and she had no way that she could ever tell her parents about this.

But this man gave her a solution.

The gentleman said that he was moving to another country because of work.

He wanted to go with her so that they could start up their own family, but this was something that she did not accept at first.


But later things changed.

She thought about how rich he was and how a good life would be with such a man.

She decided to run away with the love of her life and they moved to Uganda.

They lived in a good house and this is where they spent a couple of months within no time she was pregnant.

They went to the hospital for a checkup, and this is when they were told that they were going to have twins.

It was something that made them so happy and excited.

They waited until time forgiving birth came.

They went to the hospital so that she could give birth, but it wasn’t good news at all that one of the babies in the womb was dead, and what they had to do right away was surgery so that they could remove these babies.

After surgery.

They were shocked.


One of the babies was dead and another was disabled.

The gentleman looked like he was having a lot of thoughts.

He later walked away and abandoned them in the hospital.

According to what she says, this was the last time that she ever saw her and she did not know what to do.

She carried both of her babies and went to the house that they lived in.

This gentleman had already moved to another place.

She tried calling him on the phone to find out what was going on, but it was off.

She had nowhere to go now.

She just sat on the streets crying all day and she had her dead child right.

Besides her, begging for money was the only way that they could ever get food.

Beatrice spent days and weeks on the streets.

One day, a good samaritan came by.

He asked what was wrong and he helped her with the barrier of the dead child and also gave her some money to board a bus back to her country.


According to what she says, this was a dream come true.

When she returned back home, no one wanted to talk to her, however.

Sorry she was, because she had run away in the first place without telling any of them.

What they did was to assist her with a house that she lived in for a couple of months.

It has been 20 years now since this happened.

Her life has been miserable and she has never found happiness at all.

She says that this is something that she regrets.

In her entire life, she always wished that she could take time back, but it’s now impossible.

A lot of people advised her to kill this child and start over again, because all that she was going to have was pain.

She says that she couldn’t kill a child that she gave birth to.

She knew that she had done a mistake before

And she did not want to do another.


Now she cannot walk because she has to take care of her child each and every day.

Almost all members of her family do not want to talk or even help her at all.

Her life is more miserable than it could have been before.

She is now living a life that is full of regret and pain.

Beatrice says that what happened to her should be a lesson to every young girl in school, because wealth and success will not come easy, as they think.

She did the worst mistake of her life, and now she does not wish that it could ever happen to anyone.

Most of the men think that she went to foreign countries to become a prostitute.

These are one of the reasons why they do not want to get involved with anything concerning her, however much she wants to.


She is now requesting for help so that she can buy a wheelchair for her son and get a place to stay, because they do not have any.

All that she wishes for right now is a chance to at least make better decisions about her life.

She lives with hope that her child will be fine one day, though it seems impossible funds that will be used to make their lives better will be donated via Gofundme, a link that is in the description of this video and pinned in the top most comment by affirmative English.

Everyone makes mistakes that they end up regretting.

Despite all this, everyone deserves a second chance in life, no matter what they have been through.


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