Heartrending Scene: Wife Carries Disabled Husband and Child While Working, Touching Viewers.


They have faced a lot of criticism, mainly because of how the man was born, but this did not hold the romance back.

The couple has been inseparable.

The wife has spent Moyas lifting and carrying both the father and the child at once, one in the back and the other in the front respectively.

No one wanted them to get married, but they went against all odds and had themselves a gorgeous wedding that they would always tell their children.

They don’t have so much no possessions, no money, but love.


Their love story shocked the world made this odd couple this man was born like this.

He has never walked even a single centimeter and he has been crawling ever since the day he was born.

He also has hearing difficulties for want to talk to him.

You make sure you are so close to him and speak louder and louder, or even shout.

If not, he will not be able to hear from you.

But this did not stop the wife from loving him.

Before my father died, he could often take me to the hospital for some physiotherapy, but still there was no solution.


We visited several hospitals, but my condition remained this way.

Later the father died, he always worried of how i will leave after he died.

Building the house

He knew that due to my disability, there are a lot of things my body cannot do, but by God’s mercy i survived and now i’m a man building this house of mine was difficult.

One, because i had not enough money.

Two, because i was not able to build it by my own hands: no money, no piece of land, no active limbs.


All i did was go in the streets and beg.

I had a good habit of saving every penny from the streets.

After gathering a few amounts of money- enough for building materials, i started building this house with the little budget i had.

And today i don’t rent a house, i own mine.

You can see, it’s not a villa or a luxurious house, but as long as it’s mine, that’s what matters.

Falling in love

Though my legs are disabled, my head functioned correctly.

The rest was fighting a battle of falling in love and having a family.

No one wanted us to get married and now we are the best couple the world has ever known.

The weight of the whole world was on our shoulders, but we went against all odds and fell in love, and our love story shocked everyone.

The wife can tell you more away.

My life seen childhood has always been suffering and one day, as i was seated home, this man came crawling to me alone.

He was passing through some stones scratching him, and he came and we talked for some hours.

At first i was scared-

I could think he’s an animal- as he crawled, but as he kept on fisting me several times, i got used to seeing him, but the grandmother would always warn me and stop me from falling in love with him, but i already had feelings for him.

Living together

Then we fell in love and later on lived together the mother-in-law and all his family members did not like me.

Time came and they chased me away from the house and i had to pack my things and leave.

But the man always cared and loved me.

He could find any possible way and come visit me telling me he loves me, that all this was because of having a bad family and i could see a light inside him.

He could even pay my rent.

I met someone and then he impregnated me.

After producing, he phoned me at the hospital.


He came to make sure if the baby was his.

I was not thinking of this.

I thought he had stopped loving me due to the family.

After i produced, he found out that the baby was not his.

I was shocked that this could not hold him back.

Instead, he asked me to come and live with him again.

Then i came to him.

Neighbors started advising me not to live with such a man, saying he might be crazy and cannot make love.

They kept on telling me that by when i get sick he won’t be able to help me anything.

They could see him as helpless and worthless.

Later i was pregnant and neighbors went on spreading rumors that the baby in my room was not his, that it was for someone else.

They kept telling him this for several times, telling him he’s a fool to accept raising babies of other men.

They told him this for several times and he also thought it was true and he was mad at me.

But i told him to calm down.


He said: well, let me settle down and wait until the baby will come out.

After nine months the baby came out as what they say: like father, like son, the baby was his, and later on we produced our second child.

Our life was always full of problems and suffering, most of them boosted by both families, which never let us enjoy living together.

I kept on loving him, despite people’s discouragement and many more words that were not helping me.

Later we got married.

We were officially pronounced as a wife and husband.

It was a day of happiness and proving wrong haters that love has no barriers and disability is not inability.

Whatever we did, there was not anyone else from the outside who was happy for us.

No one wanted to see us getting married, whether neighbors, relatives and family members.


Carrying her husband

They all went against us even on a wedding day people came to my ears saying that why would such a person like you marry this lamb, they said.

But i was committed to loving this man until death.

Do us apart.

I know he can’t move his legs.

That’s why i’m here.

I’m here for him.

That’s why our lawyers live and carry him.

Then take him wherever he wants to be.

Even if i have nowhere to leave the child, i have to take them both and make sure i carry them.


They are all i have

And i can’t live without them.

I carry the father on my back and the baby here on the front.

I have been doing this for many years and i’m not ashamed of carrying my husband this way.

It helps us reach our destination earlier.

There is nothing i cannot do for my lovely husband.

Im already his wife

This woman says she chose to live with this man only because of love and she doesn’t care on what people say.

The truth is that she vowed to always be by his side and help him in whatever the man.


Having seen that i’m already his wife officially, they said i came to him looking forward to one thing: his properties.

This is sad because at first he had a wife before.

I knew him, but they were not married and the wife took all the money the man had and left.

So people here think i’m such of a kind right now.

He has nothing.

He has me and i can work, so he has everything.

I’m here for him.

Like i said, we’re looking forward to a better life, no matter what life challenges and setbacks.

The wedding day

I will never forget the day he put a ring on my finger.

It was the best day in my entire life.

That’s why i’ll never take his life for granted.

To me, it was an achievement i made my mama so proud.

It was a joy hearing the father pronouncing us as a wife and husband to each other.

That day we celebrated so much and it was wonderful.

I’m called jose.

I was the metron on the wedding day.

That day was beautiful.

It was a day of happiness.

Everything was so good and when we came at church-

Oh my god, it was surprising to see a crowd gather to see the wife and the husband.

It was a gorgeous wedding.

Thousands of people gathered to catch a glimpse of how this old couple’s marriage looked like.

No one believed this woman would marry such a man.

Love, don’t judge, and i always come and check on them and know whether they are doing well.



That’s why you phoned me here today

But trust me, from the day they got married up to now i have never heard them quarreling.

They love and understand each other.

They are true inspiration to young generations.

People say true love doesn’t exist, but it really exists.

I can confirm this: this man needs a wheelchair and you can participate in helping him get a brand new wheelchair by clicking on the Gofundme link found in the description and pinned in top comments.

True love doesn’t happen right away.

It’s a never growing process.

It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cry together and laughed together.

Thank you for watching.

I’m Elijah, and this is afromax english.

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