Mastering Life with Resilience: A Boy’s Inspirational Journey Thriving Without Limbs


The true disability in society lies in the inability to recognize the full worth of an individual beyond their circumstances.

Believing in oneself is a significant step toward success.

Meet Patricia, a woman abandoned due to the child she brought into the world. Despite initial fears of burden, the reality turned out to be something entirely unexpected.


This is her son, his name is jack and he is 12 years old.

He goes to school and gets the best grades in his class.

Though he is disabled, he uses his mouth to write, which makes it so slow and hard for him to study.

Meet a young and disabled boy with big dreams.

Today we travel to this far village to meet this incredible and inspiring boy and share his story to the World- the amazing things that he does, though his arms and legs are both disabled.

People that live around him say that he is such a humble soul.

Patricia was very happy and delighted to share this story with us, and she told the world where things came from from the very first day that she was expecting jack.


She went through a lot from the beginning and this is their story.

She was a young girl living in this village, but unfortunately she was not able to go to school because she was born in a poor family.

She grew and turned into a girl that was ready for marriage.

It wasn’t long after then, when she found a man, Patricia met a man that they fell in love with and he promised her heaven on earth.

They had plans of getting married and spending the rest of their lives together, and both sides were extremely happy about this, and they all couldn’t wait.

They got married and started living together as suspended wife.

This was when Patricia got pregnant and they started expecting their first born and, according to what she says, everything was fine and okay.


At this point, since it was her first time being pregnant, she always went to the hospital for a couple of checkups.

According to what she was told, the baby was fine and they kept on living like this until time forgiving birth came.

She was taken to the hospital to give birth and when the baby came out, they were completely shocked because none of them expected that she was going to give birth to a disabled child.

It was hard to take in, but this is what had happened.

Patricia says that, though they were all not happy, her husband was a lot bothered by what had happened.

He did not want to talk to anyone and it seemed like he was always thinking about something, though she did not know what it was.

They took the baby home and started taking care of him, but as they went by, the situation got worse and the baby’s father said that he could never give birth to a child like Patrick.

He walked away, abandoned them and never came back.


She was confused and she did not know what to do.

She didn’t have a job that was going to help her take care of her disabled son, buying food, basic needs on a daily basis and also paying rent.

Patrick was growing up and fortunately he got a wheelchair.

Patricia used to push him to the garden and dig for food that they had to eat, because this was the only way that they were ever going to survive, and it worked out.

Patrick couldn’t go to school because it was far away from where they lived.

His mother thought that they couldn’t allow him to go in and study with normal children because he couldn’t write, since his arms were disabled.

Patricia taught her son how to write using his mouth.

About a year ago, a community school was built nearby.

One of the teachers, the New Patrick proposed to the school principal to bring him and educate him for free, because he was disabled and very intelligent.


His mother could not also afford to pay school fees, for this is how Patrick was brought into the school

And they were all amazed and shocked about his performance in class.

He had the fifth position, the first time that he got in school, and this was not something usual.

Children they all love him.

Living with Patrick is so tired, some because one has to keep pushing him on a wheelchair, take him to the toilet, feed him as well and also push him back home.

Surprisingly, it is his fellow classmates that do this.

Life at school is not also easy for him.

He writes using his mouth, and this means that he is so slow and takes a lot of energy and time while writing down notes, and when it gets to examinations it even gets worse.

The teachers have to give you more and more time to write and finish.


He is given two extra hours for each examination, but according to what he says, it’s still not enough because he does not finish writing and there is nothing that he can do about this.

She says that she is very grateful for the chance that her son was given to be in school, though, he is totally different from others, because, according to what she says, she never thought that this would ever be possible.

Well, his treatment is something that his mother never thinks about at all.

She does not think that it’s possible, and even if it was, she couldn’t get the money that was required for it to take place.

With these reasons, she decided to give up.

Up to now, she does not know where her husband is.

People keep telling her that he moved to Uganda, a nearby country.

According to what she says, she doesn’t even want him in their life anymore, because he left them when they needed him the most.

Patrick still doesn’t know who his father is and why he does not live with them.

His mother says that she will tell him when he is older, because it may be a problem and make him feel bad about his disability.

Patricia says that, though Hassan is going to school, it is very hard for him and gets harder each and every day foreign.


All she is requesting for right now is for her and to join the school of the disabled children, just like him, because she is sure that this is what he needs: the funds that will help this young boy, Patrick join the school of the disabled will be donated via Gofundme, a link that is in the description of this video and printed the topmost comment by Afrimax English.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.

Thank you for watching.

My name is prince.

This is Afrimax English.

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