Pregnancy Unveils a Startling Twist: The Enigma Surrounding the Father’s Identity Evokes Empathy for the Mother’s Situation


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Courage does not mean that you’re not afraid. Courage means that you do not let fear stop you. She is called jacqueline, a lady that faced what she calls the worst at 10 years of age. They were attacked by killers. Her entire family was murdered. Right in front of her, she screamed because it was all she could do about it.

They removed her right eye and cut most of her body.

They thought she was dead and walked away.

She later woke up in the hospital and from then her life became a complete disaster, and sometimes she always wants to end it with the way she looks.

Of course, no man would ever want such a lady for a wife.

She failed to find a man that loved her for who she is, so she decided to pay one.

She worked for years and years so that she could get money and pay a man to make her pregnant.

She gave birth to this child, but her life is still miserable because she is trying to do each and everything on her own, without arms.

She has to take care of her daughter and herself.

Each and every day, though she is physically disabled, she does a lot of things that a lot of people do, like digging, washing clothes, cooking, fetching water, doing dishes and a lot more.

She had to learn to do this on her own, because there was no one that was going to help her at all.

Today we had to visit her so that she can tell us her story.

She was born in a big and happy family.

She had parents, brothers and sisters.

They lived in a lot of joy until one day that everything suddenly changed.

They were sleeping at night and some people broke into their house.

They had machetes and they said they were going to kill them all.

She watched them cut her parents into pieces.

This was painful and she couldn’t do anything rather than crying in her brother’s arms, the killers pulled his brother too and killed him.

They killed all her siblings and her parents too, and now it was her turn.

They grabbed her and cut her body.

The face, the right eye was removed and both her arms were also cut off.

She screamed until she couldn’t anymore. They thought that she was dead and they left them all there. She later woke up in the hospital. She had no arms. Her face was covered in a way that was trying to cover the wounds that were on it.

She was only 10 years old and, according to her.

This was the worst thing that she had ever seen.

She spent quite some time in the hospital.

Months later she was sent back home and, honestly, she was now on her own.

She did not have a home anymore, because the house they lived in was rental.

It was obvious that other people had already occupied it.

As a 10 year old, she could not get a job at all, and even if she did, there was absolutely no way that she was going to work without arms.

This made her life so hard, but she had to find a way to survive through all this, so it seemed impossible to her

Obviously there was no way that she could go to school.

She did not have money to pay for it- and since she was now like this, she had to go to the school of the disabled and there was no way that she could afford this at all, because even getting food was a problem.

The only way that she was going to get coins to buy food was to sit on the streets and start begging for money.

Well, she did this, and it’s how she managed to survive.

Until she grew up and started getting used to this life, she was going through a lot of pain and depression.

She says that most times she wanted to take poison and just die, but she couldn’t get the guts too.

Time came and she also wanted to get married.

These two was impossible, and it did not happen because they all rejected her due to her disability.

She had hoped that maybe one day she would find someone who will love her for who she was, but this did not happen too.

She waited for years and years, but still nothing.

She decided to find another solution to this because it seemed like she was going to wait forever.

She thought about it, since she also wanted someone to call family.

There was no other way to find a man rather than paying him.

She paid a man to make her pregnant and in order to do this she had to work for a very long time while saving money and finally, when she got the money, she paid the money, and that’s how she got pregnant.

This happened, and when she gave birth to this child, she was very happy to see it that at least she had someone to call family again.

This is her daughter.

She is called giante.

They lived together since their father moved on.

After she slept with the man that made her pregnant, he walked away.

He never came back again, and she says that they only met once, and from then it is impossible for her to remember how he looked like.

Some people in this village find it funny for her not to for her not to know the father of her child.

This means that the baby’s father too has no idea if the baby turned out to be a boy or girl.

She has to struggle and give a life to her child, though making it out here is still difficult, because she has to do everything on her own, regardless of her disability.

What hurts her the most is that her daughter calls every man she sees daddy.

This is because she does not really know who her real father is.


Jacqueline wishes to have a way that she could change this, but she cannot.

She does not even know what she will tell her daughter when she grows up.

Now she does not have anywhere to live.

She has to work for people in their homes, take care of their domestic animals, so that she can be able to get food for her child and herself as well.

This life has never been simple for them at all.

She is now asking for help so that she can get a place to stay with her child and be able to start up a business that she can surely perform.

This will help them get the necessities they need in their daily life, because now it feels like she wants to give up on life.

The funds that will support this family will be donated via Gofundme, a link that is in the description of this video and pinned in the topmost comment by Afromax English.

We could never learn to be brave and patient if there was only joy in the world.

Thank you for watching.

My name is prince.

This is Afrimax English.

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